If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with all things lip related. Lipsticks. Liquid Lipsticks. Glosses. Balms. Plumpers. Primers. Liners. And the list goes on. No matter what we’re doing in life, whether it's running errands, driving in the car, to and from work, out on a date, drinks with the girls, we are never without our lipsticks. They are little super hero’s in a tube. 


But here’s the thing. If we love our little tubed super hero’s so much, then why oh why do we let them feel powerless and lost in the bottom of our bags?! Ohhhh the shame. Thelma needed Luise, Lucy wouldn’t have been the same without Ethel, so don’t let your lipsticks go one more day without their partner in crime, THE LIPFOLIO™. 


THE LIPFOLIO™ was completely designed out of frustration. Truly think about how many times a day you’re digging through some bag to find your lipstick. For us, it was too many. So we said, enough’s enough. THE LIPFOLIO™ was created to give you your time back and a little piece of your sanity too. 

Founder and CEO

Courtney Frey

Courtney not only loves fashion, she embodies it. It’s her way of being. Her career path has never found her too far away from the things she’s obsessed with…makeup and fashion. Coming from humble beginnings and having a retail career spanning over 15 years has given her an edge in resourcefulness and creativity. This girl knows how to create just about anything from nothing and has acquired special skills in stretching a dollar. 


I've had an entrepreneurial heart since I was a little girl. Running make believe restaurants, designing my own clothes (on paper), making and selling Christmas ornaments with my Mother, and learning the craft of painting houses and fixing cars from my Dad. I believe my interests and talents span far and wide. 


M. LYNN BEAUTY and the creation of THE LIPFOLIO™ has finally given Courtney a true outlet for the things she loves the most. Creativity, business, makeup and people. She hopes you love the bag and company as much as she loved creating it. 



The organizer  for all your favorite little things.


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