Keeping your lip products organized has never been easier. This beautiful cognac vegan leather bag with gold zipper detail is a beauty enthusiasts dream. Dimensions 7''x 5.5''


  • Imagine spending your precious time with wasted searches. Searching for your keys, that matching sock, your babies pacifier, the kid's shoes, and worst of all your lipstick


    Frustrated with digging through my makeup bag and purse for that EXACT shade of lipstick, I decided enough was enough. 


    I proclaimed I was creating a product that gave me my time back and a little piece of sanity too. And so M. LYNN BEAUTY was born. 


    This charming little bag will make finding your favorite lip products a cinch. If you’re like me, then you can’t leave home with just one lip color. I designed this bag to give you your options and your time back. 


    You’ll be able to easily carry up to:

    6 lipsticks 

    6 liquid lipsticks, glosses or other smaller items.


    You read that right, up to 12 lip products! (Insert happy crying emoji)


    You didn’t think I forgot about your lipliners? No siree Bob!

    Add up to 4 of those guys in there as well.


    We spend so much time searching for everything else in our lives, how about our beloved lip products not be one of them. 


    Stop searching and START LIVING.